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10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Having Your First Pet.

The 10 Things to Keep In Mind Before Having Your First Companion Animal.

  1. Choosing The Right Companion Animal

    Research about the different varieties of companion animals that is available for you in your area and what are their needs. Then decide what kind of companion animals you would want that can fit into your life perfectly. Having a more mature dog may be the answer if you do not have the time for a puppy. Why not try some exotic animals? Or Fishes, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs,Rabbits, some small animals that is easy to keep and take care. But Be Beware, all animals has their own specials needs.

  2. Accommodation and Foods

    Canines, Felines, Bovines, Fishes and Exotic Companion Animals have different basic set of needs. Considering their requirement will help you keep them happy and healthy. Do provide proper shelter (warm/dry/wet/indoor/large or small space and etc), fresh source of water, sufficient nutrition food, some toys (which is an essential part of most companion animals), attentions (benefits them emotionally).

  3. Commitment

    Never buy a companion animal for someone if they did not ask for it. Now here comes the question. Que 1: Are you sure you can treat them better than others? Companion Animals are supposed to be part of your family, your siblings, your best friends or even your own child. It’s also expensive to keep one. Que 2: What about their daily needs? Their Vaccinations? Health Check? Toys? Medicines?  Que 3: Are you mentally and physically prepared? Know the Risks

  4. If you are Overseas, what’s gonna happen?

    This may be the most headache questions ever. Will any of your families be at home when you are overseas? If not, is there any alternative? Is there someone to help you take care of your companion animals?

  5. Know Your Vets

    It’s Important to know your nearby vets. Have them give your companion animals health check regularly. Knowing when is their working hours which is essential especially when sending your companion animals to the clinic when they are sick or injured. Tips : Know your companion animals’s Vet Personally.

  6. Vaccination

    There’s a lot of different vaccination and choose appropriately depending on where in the world you are living and what infections your companion animals may come into contact. Vaccination are first given primarily 6-8 weeks old for canines and 9-11 weeks old for felines with follow-up vaccines two to four weeks later (Heed local Vet Advice). Traditionally Vaccines are given booster every year for most diseases. Vaccination may include deworming treatments to protect your dogs against worms and Intestinal parasites.(Some are transmissible to children and adults)
    Important : Keep Good Records of your Vaccinations to allow the Veterinarian to work out exactly which vaccines to give your dogs and when to give them.

  7. Weekly Checks

    It is important to recognize if there is any irregularity with your companion animals. While playing, stroking and petting your companion animals notice the feel of it’s fur as well as the thickness and the color of the skin beneath it ( Skin Diseases ). Make notes of any lumps or swellings that you discover ( It may be lymph nodes swelling and etc. ). Lift each limbs off the ground and move it back and forth gently to see if it’s comfortable (Nervous system associated with the spinal cords). Nails are to be cut, ears are to be clean and should not smell, eyes should be wide and clear, nose should be soft and supple, teeth should be clean ( buy dental toys ) and make sure the tongue appear normal. Lastly make sure your companion animals enjoyed his or her check. Important: Especially for dogs, Refrain it for jumping onto sofas or climbing stairs. It May Cause Dislocation of it’s vertebrae and injured the spinal cord. Which may be back pain and to severe cases dog may be paralyzed

  8. The Word Pets should be replaced by ” Companion Animals “

    Noticed that i refrained myself from using “Pets” and had been using the word “Companion Animals”. OIE or refereed as World Organisation for Animal Health had used the phrase Companion Animals rather than the word Pets. Pets are something that you own where as companion animals are animals that are beside you, accompany you, acting as a friend or family to u. My Comparison of the word  “Pets” would be the word “Slaves”.

  9. The Five Freedoms of Companion Animals

    ~Freedom from Hunger & Thirst
    ~Freedom from Pain, Injury and Diseases
    ~Freedom from Stress & Discomfort
    ~Freedom from Fear & Stress
    ~Freedom for having Natural Behavior 

  10. Consider Adopting Rather Than Buying

    First consider adopting a companion animals from your friends, from any animal shelters near you or just adopt it from the streets. Get it cleaned and sent it to the Vet for a quick check up on it’s health condition. This helps the community you live in to have less strays. Never ever put your stray dogs or cats together with your indoor/outdoor (The one you have originally) together until the Vets give you a green light to do so. Stray dogs and cats may bring various infections and transmit to your dogs or cats. Keep them separately and have the vet check on them until it is safe to keep them together.

    What’s more important is the commitment towards your companion animals. Hope you have a companion animals that can suit your lifestyle. Enjoy! #TheVetKid

    Do Comment about what you think and share your opinions!